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Jan 15

Fingerless Mittens

If you're craving a creative project and some of the old-fashioned comfort that comes from starting something from scratch, you'll be well rewarded...

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Dec 4

Knit Christmas Stockings

The base of this stocking only looks hand-knit -- it's actually a wool fabric that's sold by the yard.

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Dec 4

DIY Chunky Knit Santa Hat

Hello, perfect family Christmas card accessory!

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Nov 19

How to Knit Playful Mittens Using Leftover Yarn

The mittens make sweet holiday gifts, so start now—and let your imagination dictate the design.

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Nov 18

Crocheted Thanksgiving Turkey Hat

Is it a wearable accessory or holiday table decor? You decide.

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Nov 10

9 Stylish DIY Gifts To Stitch, Knit, or Embroider

To get your creative gift-giving inspiration flowing, we've rounded up nine projects to whip up on the subway or while Netflixing this winter.

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Oct 30

5 Chunky Yarn Projects You Can Arm Knit

 Here are five projects for your home that you can arm knit in an afternoon!

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Oct 25

DIY Knit Blanket

If you can knit a scarf, you can make a blanket.This coverlet is made from 12 individually knit rectangles of natural-colored wool, sewn together w...

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Oct 8

DIY Cozy Oversized Knit Blanket in Less Than 4 Hours

Super chunky knit blankets are going to be everywhere pretty soon and now you can make on yourself!

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Sep 26

Knitting Pattern:Medallion Mittens

The medallion mittens are a fun pair to knit. They're designed to snugly fit the average woman's hand. 

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Jul 1

How to knit a dinosaur

This dinosaur is knitted using a soft, washable, wool cotton yarn, it is both tough and cuddly. As with all toys, make sure the poly fill you selec...

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Dec 16

How to Make Our Cross-Over Knitted Slipper

Our Cross-Over is a great little pattern. It is so easy to knit in simple garter stitch which is also known as "plain knitting". The fini...

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Nov 10

How To Knit A Fox

With this pattern you knit with two diffrent colors. Let´s get started!We will be using knit and purl stitches. Knitting the first row with knit st...

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