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Mar 16

DIY Aloe Vera Juice & Smoothie

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Plus, it is excellent for the digestive system. In fact, it he...

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Mar 16

Tasty Morning Smoothie for High Blood Pressure

Here'show to make a healthy smoothie for your heart!

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Mar 7

5 Protein Shake Recipes That Don’t Require Any Protein Powder

These satisfying smoothies are made with protein-packed whole foods.

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Feb 26

Lychee, Raspberry And Rose Smoothie

This perfumed raspberry smoothie is great for a summer morning pick-me-up.

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Feb 26

Mango And Banana Iced Yogurt Smoothies

This refreshing mango and banana smoothie recipe is the perfect morning pick-me-up. The perfect partner for a lazy weekend brunch.

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Feb 24

4 Healthy Latin Smoothies You'll Love

From Mexico to Cuba, our fave smoothies will put an extra-healthy kick in your day.

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Feb 21

5 Detox Smoothies That Help You Recover From A Day Of Unhealthy Eating

These get-back-on-track smoothies can slash cravings, reduce bloat, boost digestion, and fire up your metabolism.

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Feb 12

Gazpacho Smoothie Bowl

Looking for a smoothie bowl with a veggie twist? If so, this is your answer!

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Feb 12

Good Morning Coffee Smoothie

This vitamin-packed smoothie is the perfect way to start your day out right.

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Feb 4

Super Smoothies

Here are some super smoothies for you!

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Jan 30

6 Ingredients Nutritionists Never Put In Their Smoothies

Here are the 6 ingredients that nutritionists never, ever add to smoothies.

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Jan 29

Bloody Mary Smoothie

Loaded with flavor, this bold blend will seduce you with every sip. Add more Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, horseradish, and lemon juice for an eve...

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Jan 27

15 Smoothies Celebs Drink To Stay Slim

Think about how much you could do in a day if every task could be completed by a touch of a button.

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Jan 23

7 Breakfast Smoothies That Taste Like Dessert

. These are our favorite dessert-inspired smoothies — no kale in sight.

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Jan 22

Green Warrior Protein Smoothie

Talk about a super charged meal in a glass! I use hemp hearts as the major protein source for this drink. In addition to being a complete protein s...

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Jan 22

Creamy Chocolate Hemp Smoothie for Two

Cool down with this creamy, ice-cold, and luxurious chocolate hemp smoothie. Enjoy the boost of protein and omega-3's that the hemp seeds provide w...

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Jan 22

Happy Digestion Smoothie

This green smoothie is packed with digestion-enhancing and immune-boosting foods like pineapple, parsley, ginger, and avocado.

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Jan 22

All Day Glow Green Smoothie

This one is jam-packed with nutritious ingredients like fresh turmeric, cilantro, parsley, lemon, avocado, green apple, lettuce, coconut water, and...

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Jan 1


A tasty – and surprisingly satisfying – smoothie inspired by everyone’s favorite sandwich.

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Dec 23

Simple Homemade Vegetable Juice (Better than V8!)

Virtually any peels, cores, or roots from any vegetable will work. 

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