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Mar 14

Home Remedies for Nail Growth

Here are the top 10 home remedies for nail growth.

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Feb 25

The 7 Nail Shapes, Explained

You know that moment when the manicurist asks which shape you want and you go with your tried-and-true oval or squoval. Perhaps it's time to break ...

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Jan 29

3D Unicorn Horn Nails

Read on to see the magical ways nail artists have incorporated unicorn horns into their manicures.

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Dec 7
Nov 30

The 10 Trendiest Nail Colors to Wear This December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also one of the busiest. Save yourself a little bit of time (and stress) by knowing exactly which na...

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Nov 26

28 Festive and Bright Nail Art Ideas for Christmas

The latest nail trend draws its inspiration from your favorite kind of Christmas sweater.

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Nov 25

This Mirrored Mani Is The New Holiday Red — & It Only Costs $10

Here's how you can get this perfect holiday-nail-look!

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Nov 2

5 Winter Manicure Trends From LA's Nontoxic Nail Salon

Read on for 5 non-toxic nail looks that pros are predicting to be huge this season.

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Oct 30

How to Stop Biting Your Nails

The longer the nail, the higher the likelihood of snags that lead to biting. By keeping your nails trimmed, you’re less at risk.

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Oct 21

One Simple Way to Quickly Have More Polished Hands

Here is a step by step guide to removing your cuticles at home.

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Sep 23

Mani Matchmaker: Best Polish for Your Wedding Bouquet

Do you wnat to match your nail polish with your wedding bouquet of flowers? Here are some ideas!

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Sep 23

The Nail Contouring Trend

The technique can make fingers appear slimmer and help nails look longer without the help of acrylics.

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Sep 20

5 Things You Didn’t Know Are Ruining Your Nails

Here, the things you didn’t know were damaging your nails and the best ways to soften the blow.

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Sep 20

How To Give Yourself A Flawless Manicure At Home

For these moments when you don’t have time (or money) to get to the salon, the next best thing is DIY.To ensure high-gloss results,we’ve broken dow...

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Sep 15

10 Iconic Red Nail Polishes You Should Try

We've rounded up the 10 most iconic red shades for your consideration.This way, you'll always be prepared before your manicure!

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Sep 13

The Best Blue Nail Polishes

Blue on the nails is actually quite energizing. Be it warm or cool, bright or muted, it's almost universally flattering.

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Sep 13

How To Prevent And Treat Nail Fungus

Here are some foolproof tips to avoid contracting nail fungus.

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Aug 23

How To Find Your Best Nail Shape

Modernizing your manicure doesn't have to mean straying from your signature shade."Try experimenting with the nail shape to freshen up your loo...

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Aug 23

Waterless Manicure

Here's how to make your nails look better in the long run.

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Aug 11

How To Match Your Nail Polish!

Whether it’s a trend or for comfort, it doesn’t matter:we are super fans of sneakers and we’re suggesting 3 super cool ways to wear them from morni...

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