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Jan 14

5 Bookshops in Milan where you can have a coffee

Here are 5 cafes that you'll love!

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Jan 14

Here are 5 European cities to discover

Here are some great cities to discover this year!

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Jan 14

The most beautiful metro stations in the world

Here is a list of the most beautiful stops in the world.

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Jan 14

The most colorful cities in the world: which and where

Let’s abandon our beloved color black for a second, and dip into the warmth of these destinations. 

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Jan 14

The most beautiful spas in the Alps

Visiting the Alps this winter? Here's where you should go!

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Dec 29
Dec 22

The Go-To Skiing Spots For This Winter In Italy

o, grab your gloves, your scarf and your sunscreen: we hereby declare, Winter has officially started!

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Dec 19

The 8 Most Romantic Getaways in the World

Here are eight of the world’s romantic spots

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Dec 13

The World’s Most Enchanting Castles

Here is a list of 7 of the most beautiful and spectacular castles in the world.

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Dec 11

What You Need to Know About Honeymooning in Cuba

While there's more access than ever, some rules still do apply, so we've created a comprehensive guide to help you plan your Cuba honeymoon.

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Dec 11

This Floating Gym Lets You Work Out & Tour Paris at the Same Time

Here's a great idea to burn calories and have a Paris tour!

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Dec 11

The World's Top Christmas Destinations

Here's a list of holiday destinations that celebrate Christmas festivities unlike any other.

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Dec 11

25 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas

It’s Christmas day and all over the world Christmas celebrations are brewing. But if you happen to live in one of these 25 best places to celebrate...

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Nov 30

The 6 Best Warm-Weather Long Weekend Getaways

To help you plan a quick escape, here are six awesome warm weather getaways perfect for a three-day excursion.

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Nov 27

12 Genius Holiday Packing Hacks That Make Travel a Breeze

Here, 12of the most genius holiday packing hacks we’ve encountered in our travels.

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Nov 18

8 Derm-Approved Ways To Care For Your Skin While Traveling

We're giving you the ultimate guide to taking care of your skin while you're away from home. Bon voyage!

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Nov 16

Healthy Travel Hacks

Keep reading for Matthew Kenney and Jacyn Fain’s most brilliant healthy travel hacks…

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Nov 15

11 Essentials For Chic Parisian Living

From everyday fashion pieces to what's new in the art scene...

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Nov 13

4 Exclusive Beach Hotel Deals You Need to Book This November

Flee the cold to these sunny hotel steals.

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Nov 6

Heading to NYC for the Marathon? This Is the Travel Guide You've Been Waiting For

Hit up the best healthy restaurants and boutique fitness classes

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