Category 'Paper'

Oct 1

Halloween Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets are classic, so why not make some for Halloween? You can vary the faces from scary to happy, depending on the age group or sensit...

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Aug 29

Swarming Butterfly Chandelier

This chandelier can be made with a variety of different shapes and papers to create a look that will match your room perfectly.  Consider punc...

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Aug 29

Easy Paper Punch Flowers

There are a million tutorials out there on how to create paper flowers.Welcome to tutorial #1,000,001.I promise to make it worth your while.By usin...

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Aug 27

Book Page Flower Frame

What you need:(1) Old BookHot GlueScissorsPicture FramePencil

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Jul 17

Bird Mobile

This beautiful bird mobile is a wonderful gift for new moms and a perfect way to add a little charm to any nursery.

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Mar 31

DIY Easter Bunny Treat Pouches

After the baskets have been filled and the eggs have been hunted this Easter, why not keep the fun going? These little bunny treat pouches make a g...

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Jan 11

DIY Paper Ranunculus

  Use a regular copy paper to mirror the delicate petals of the original. Just download and print the PDF template of the pink ranunculus, g...

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Jan 11

How To Make Watercolor Paper Poppies

These pretty poppies are a great topper for a gift, perfect to pin into your hair, or clustered in a bowl to add a pop of color to your table.

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Dec 19

Fingerprint Gift Tags

Homemade gift tags make giving presents even more fun! These are very easy to make.Simply dip your fingers in paint and make prints for the ...

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Dec 18

How To Make a Gift Card Holder Ornament

These are beautiful gift cards. All you need to do is cut out colorful patterned and glittered paper to make ornaments and add a special gift ...

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Dec 8

Newspaper Christmas Tree

A shiny gold Christmas tree, made from recycled newspapers.

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Dec 7

DIY Santa & Reindeer Garland

Every mantle needs decorations at Christmas.This santa & reindeer garland is easy-peasy and can be hung many different ways. Just take some...

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Dec 3

Penguin Crafts

No matter if you use it as a cutsie centerpiece or a darling doorstop, who knew a simple brick paver could have so much Christmas charm? Paint...

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Dec 2

His & Her Birthday Themed Journal Pages

  His   Her   These cakes are for your guided journaling projects, but they are intended to record the birthdays of the othe...

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Dec 2

Neon Glitter Gift Tags

Neon colors have been so popular this year so why not include them in your gift wrapping this year?

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Dec 2

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

  Supplies: Wrapping paper Glue Spots Foam board Scissors Large Popsicle sticks Heavy duty kitchen shears Garden twine Tacky glue Hot...

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Nov 30

Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

        Rediscover your love for paper, ribbon and decorating!Get in the mood for Holidays!

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Nov 30

Pilgrim Treat Boxes

These are adorable treat boxes for the kids. If you have a Silhouette it makes it very easy to cut dimensional shapes just like the Pilgrim Tre...

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Nov 30

Advent Calendar Frame

Instead of little gifts, each pocket holds a to-do for that day. Something simple but something you can do together with your kids to celebrate...

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Nov 29

DIY Swarming Butterfly Chandelier

Ingredients you will need: Butterfly punch, die-cut or Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter for cutting images (We used the Silhouette to cut a 2...

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