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Jul 21

14 Healing Herbs to Plant in Your Herb Garden

If you’re planning on starting your own herb garden but aren’t quite sure what to plant, consider some of these varietals that not only taste delic...

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Jul 12

4 Easy Ways to Create a Backyard Garden

There are so many health benefits of gardening!This is perhaps one of the reasons that gardeners live longer!

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Jun 30

How to Grow Lavender

Once you plant lavender, you can enjoy its fragrance – and its flavour – long after summer is gone.

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Jun 27

How to Grow More in Less Space with a Vertical Garden

Using empty wall space in creative ways can make all the difference in an apartment or small home, and it can work in a garden too! If your outdoor...

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Jun 27

How to Grow a Better Garden with Companion Planting

Do you want to boost your garden naturally? Maybe it's time to try companion planting!

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Jun 24

Make Your Garden Lush!

Want a lush garden? Join the club, who doesn’t! You can have a lush feel to your garden space, if you follow a few guidelines, show a little bit of...

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Jun 24

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

Architectural plants, or structural plants are a great way to add one, or more focal points to your yard or garden. Here are some quick tips on usi...

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Jun 24

5 Fabulous Planters to Suit every Style

Check out these fabulous plant combinations to dress up your garden for summer.

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Jun 23

Gardening Without a Garden: 10 Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony

Here are some gardening projects that will work on even the smallest patio or tips for growing citrus indoors if you don't have a ba...

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Jun 22

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Basil

Many times, an established basil plant is less expensive than those packages of basil you find in the grocery store. So stop purchasing those packa...

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Jun 14

DIY Fences

Would you like some privacy from the neighbors or just to keep in your pets and kids? Building a DIY fence is a great way to save money in your lan...

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Jun 14

Best Drought Tolerant Garden Plants

Most areas of the country are seeing a big change in the way we plant a garden. Water is becoming more and more a precious commodity and most garde...

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Jun 14

Easy Steps To Square Foot Garden Success

Square foot gardening is most often used for growing veggies, herbs and greens in a small space. It’s a simple concept that cuts down on gardening ...

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Dec 11

Wine Cork Plant Markers

Here are some easy DIY plant marker projects that will get you excited about popping those first seedlings into newly warmed earth…

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Dec 7

How to Get Rid of Ants

Ants are generally not harmful to human beings but their nests in the house are nuisance. If there is an ants’ nest in the structure of your home, ...

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Nov 30

25 Effective Uses of Activated Charcoal

The benefits of activated charcoal are astounding. From teeth whitening, to purifying water and air. Activated charcoal is a naturally occurring mi...

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Nov 29

How to display plants indoor? (42 DIY Projects)

It’s hard to find that one best way to display plants indoor. These Creative Indoor Plant Displays for home are for all those who are green at hear...

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May 25

DIY Painted Terracotta Pots

SuppliesTerracotta pots and saucers Acrylic paints (Terracotta is a porous material, so be safe and go with acrylic, which is non-toxic.)Foam ...

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Aug 27

Garden Lover’s Gift Basket

Need a gift for a green-thumbed loved one? Seedling packets, gardening tools and gift cards make a great gift basket for any gardener.

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Jul 28

Natural Pest Repellent

Keep slugs and aphids away from window boxes with a homemade, nonchemical pest spray. Place one peeled onion, two peeled garlic cloves, and one tea...

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