Oct 5

Mittens Craft


Mittens from an old sweater - cute idea for the kids - they get to keep a part of a favorite sweater they've grown out of!

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  1. Clauss says:

    Muy bonito

  2. Rev Frank "Doc" Vozenilek Sr says:

    My Dear, You've shared a wonderful, artsy, way cool, WARM, yet... VERY SMART, EXTREMELY USEFUL, ULTRA PRACTICAL AND SUPER EASY TO DO IDEA!!!! :-) I am SO GRATEFUL!! The ladies we deal with are usually extraordinarily poor. A lot of the clothing we take in is well, meant well, but honestly, not usable. Ha! IT IS NOW!!! All because of your idea. Thank you again. Have ever considered using scrap flannel to line the mittens? Hey! I'm a man! What can ya' say to my odd questions? O! I know! "This MUST be a guy asking this. A guy would only be this goofy." ;-) But God bless you! And thanks for a cool idea! Pastor Frank "Doc"

  3. PinLaVie says:

    Dear Pastor Frank also referred to as "Doc" Thank you so much for your kind words. You put a smile on my face. I'm so glad you found this easy craft a great idea. I hope you and the ladies enjoy making these mittens for the winter. I'll do my best to find similar and easy crafts for you to enjoy. Have a nice day.

  4. Sharon says:

    Very cute but how do you keep sweaters from unraveling when cut? Is sewing seams enough?

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