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Mar 31

6 Beans You've Never Heard Of

These petite beauties will add new interest to classic recipes.

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Feb 5

Chili Beans with Rice

If using dry beans, older beans may take longer to cook to become tender. If you soak the dry beans for several hours ahead of time, they will requ...

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Jan 29

How To Make Fast, No-Soak Beans in the Pressure Cooker

With a pressure cooker, you can go from opening a bag of dried legumes to plump, tender beans in under an hour.

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Jan 8

Greens, Cannellini Beans, and Andouille Sausage Pan Stew

Any flavor of cooked chicken sausage can act as the base for this customizable skillet stew that includes a supporting cast of greens, beans and pu...

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Jan 1

Broad Beans, Peas With Mozzarella And Parma Ham Crumble

A vibrant broad bean recipe showcasing the best of the summer's green veg.

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Jan 1

Crusted trout with minted lemon broad beans

This inventive recipe with trout is low in calories and saturated fat and high in fibre. A lovely, light supper.

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Jan 1

Scrambled Eggs With Beans, Tomatoes, and Pesto

Here is a classic recipe with a twist.

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Dec 23

6 Brilliant Ways To Cook With Beans

Pulses and beans are high in protein and fibre, and are very low in saturated fat. They are great for maintaining our muscles and digestive system,...

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Nov 13

Chili with Chicken and Beans

If you like, spice up this robust chili by adding chopped fresh hot chile peppers. You can also replace the canned beans with cooked dried beans; i...

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Nov 1

Jools’ Sausage & Smoky Bean Casserole

Delicious served with baked sweet potatoes or brown rice and a nice chopped green salad.

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Oct 6

The Easiest Way To Add Protein To Your Diet

Lentils, chickpeas, beans, and dry peas—are so versatile, you’ll never hit that protein fatigue wall. Plus, they’re super high in fiber (four times...

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Jun 15