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Nov 18

Dip-Dyed Taper Candles

This dipping technique works on pillar candles too. Center them on Dutch tiles, which will catch any melted wax.

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Oct 20

Pumpkin Spice Candles

Fall's signature scent is the inspiration for these homemade candles. And when poured into tinted orange mason jars, they're given an especial...

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Oct 16

The Easiest Way to Set the Mood for a Halloween Dinner

Even if you're just making a low-key dinner for two, you can still steal the best part of this table.

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Sep 27

16 Fall Candles

These aromatic autumn candles are almost too pretty to light.

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Sep 8

Tip For A Long-lasting Candle

You need not have candle-related-anxiety any longer – here is a trick for ensuring your candle will have a long, lustrous life with you.

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Jul 7

10 Ways to Get Creative with Candles

10 Ways to Get Creative with Candles

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Nov 22

Acorn Candles

They look beautiful unlit as well......find more about them .

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Nov 8

Mason jar candle

Pretty easy and you can place your candle on the dining room table, right next to a big vase of flowers.  

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Sep 10

Halloween Candles

I’m getting so excited for fall. One of the funnest holidays is Halloween do you think?!? I’m not into all the creepy, scary, bloody things. I like...

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