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Mar 31

Spring in a Pot Centerpiece

Put the symbols of the season on display.

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Mar 5

20 5-Minute Centerpiece Ideas for Every Occasion

 Create one of these inspiring ideas in five minutes or less.

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Feb 4

Sparkling Valentine's Day Centerpiece

The roses in Alice in Wonderland were painted red, but you can jazz up yours with a shiny coating of glitter.

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Nov 19

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This is a fun DIY that I made for less than 5 dollars, with the main item being a 50 cent old beat up pie pan that I found at Goodwill! I debated o...

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Nov 23

Snowman Centerpiece

This fancy centerpiece is made primarily of un-opened food cans wrapped in paper.....find more .

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Oct 30

How to Make A Mummy Vase Centerpiece

What you’ll need Thick white yarn Cross stitch fabric

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