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Oct 2

Colors of Paris

Here is an amazing look of Chiara Ferragni for the Paris Fashion Week!

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Sep 25

The Sailor Girl Look

It’s time to sail on a new adventure! For Prada show, Chiara was wearing a super cute total look from the brand Fall Winter 2016 collection.

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Aug 31

How To Wear Flare Trousers

Flare trousers are cool, they were in the 1970s and they still are today! They definitely can give your outfit a special touch…

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Aug 21

Slippers' Trend!

Well, slippers are the key to going from summer to fall, but you need to know how to choose them! We can take care of that with a selection of ...

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Aug 13

Floral Print Dress

Every girl's got a floral print dress in their wardrobe by now! Here are some ideas how to style it!

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Aug 7

Holiday Friendly Hairstyles

Here are some ideas: tying them up into two little buns; tying them into a low ponytail with a precious, pretty hair tie; leaving them down, with a...

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Jul 4

How To Dress For The 4th Of July Celebrations

Are you ready to celebrate the 4th of July with your friends, but you don’t know how to dress? Or, are you simply a big fan of the American ho...

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Jul 4

48 Hours In Tokyo!

48 Hours In Tokyo will never be enough to grasp the city’s essence, but they will definitely make you want to go back.

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Jun 24

3 male items that become hyper feminine when worn by women

There’s nothing sexier than a woman wearing a man’s white shirt. It’s true that there are many male items and accessories that are becoming pa...

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Jun 23

How to fight static hair in 5 simple moves

Static is the absence of water and is triggered by one action, which is often rubbing, whether it’s with a comb or a sweater or cardigan. Friz...

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Jun 22

The best multitasking beauty products

Traveling ladies: we are talking to you. If you travel often and don’t want to renounce makeup, or if you want to take care of your skin without ca...

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Jun 17

Queen for a day thanks to precious hair accessories

Why not turn into a modern princess with a tiara, then? Or go for a more boho look, with a precious metal crown of flowers. There is so much c...

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Jun 17

Wedding day hairstyles

Whether you are a bride or a guest, it’s time to think of the final details: have you chosen your hairstyle for the big day? If you’re still unsure...

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Jun 17

How to wear a total white look

Total white isn’t just a seasonal trend, it’s also a summer classic and is always super cool. However, it’s not that easy to match white items and ...

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Jun 17

Sos suitcase: What to pack for a short beach getaway

The best way to organize your suitcase for a short beach getaway is by thinking of what you’d like to do there. Here are s...

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