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Dec 18
Dec 18

Colorful Christmas Trees

If you want a colorful (but still real!) Christmas tree, you're in luck. This year, some farms have started selling real pine trees that have been ...

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Dec 16

Your Fake Christmas Tree Could Actually Be Making You Sick

You might just want to get a real one next year.

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Dec 11

3 Genius Ways to Fit a Christmas Tree into Small, Tiny or Even Micro Spaces

Whether your home is small, teeny-tiny or the littlest apartment anyone has ever seen, one of these alternative trees will work for your space.

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Dec 10

13 Best Artificial Christmas Trees

From classic furs that look just like the real thing to contemporary, quirky centrepieces, here's how to fake it in style.

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Dec 6

Tips for Prettier Christmas Trees

Want a designer look for your holiday tree? Browse our best tips for better Christmas tree decor that you can easily do yourself!

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Dec 4

White Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree dusted with snow looks even frostier when decorated exclusively in shades of silver, white, and cream. Simple paper-and-glitter or...

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Dec 4

Origami Tree

This Christmas tree is so beautiful and unique!

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Dec 4

Asian-Inspired Christmas Tree

Spray-painted gold and accented with glitter, it rises out of a traditional pot topped with moss and snow. Japanese-lantern ornaments provide a ple...

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Dec 4

Heavenly Tree with Angels and Stars

Up the elegance of this year's evergreen with beautiful celestial symbols. Delicate silvery angels flit among hand-tied ribbon stars. A scalloped f...

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Dec 4

"Harry Potter"-Themed Christmas Tree

Even J.K. Rowling thinks it's magical.

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Nov 26

21 Christmas Tree Decorations That Make the Holiday Even Merrier

The cornerstone of your holiday home deserves the five-star treatment.

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Oct 26

Halloween Christmas Trees

If you're pondering the idea of trying this trend out yourself, take a look at some Halloween tree inspiration below!

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Dec 9

DIY Christmas Trees: Confetti Cones

Albeit they're a little bit abstract, but these DIY Christmas trees are definitely easy to put up and take down, plus you can add as much as little...

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Dec 7

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

Get the kids super excited for the holiday season with today’s easy Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees Kid Craft. Kids will love making and d...

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Dec 6

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

Adorn your Christmas tree with beautiful handmade ornaments made by you and your loved ones. Hang our easy-to-make ornament on your tree for genera...

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Dec 2

Christmas Trees for Tiny Homes

These space saving solutions will ensure your small home will still be swoon-worthy over the festive period...Read more at http://www.housetohome.c...

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Nov 19

Sweet Christmas Tree Treat Boxes

Aren't these Christmas treat boxes cute? I love the way they came out and I hope you do, too.

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Nov 15

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees

The perfect craft project for kids this Christmas. Easy, fun and delicious! And even though I knew I would be cleaning ground up sprinkles out of t...

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Dec 8

Newspaper Christmas Tree

A shiny gold Christmas tree, made from recycled newspapers.

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