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Nov 10

6 Things to Clean With Nail Polish Remover

From permanent marker accidents to laminate stains, the nail polish remover in your bathroom cabinet can come in super handy—and not in the chipped...

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Nov 2

8 Dusting Tricks That Will Make Your Home Sparkle

Learn the best way to dust your car, ceiling fans, filters, and more..

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Oct 6

The 7 Dirtiest Things In Your House

Check out these seven dirtiest items you're touching every day, and get ready to make a beeline for the sink ASAP.

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Oct 4

DIY Floor Cleaner

Use a damp -- not saturated -- sponge mop to wash with warm water. If your wood floor is really dirty, try a solution of 1/8 cup plant-based liquid...

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Sep 19

The World's Most Beautiful Cleaning Tools

Beautiful cleaning supplies are so underrated.Just allow me to list for you a few of the perks of splurging (and some of these are certainly a splu...

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Sep 2

10 Cleaning Tasks You Can Totally Tackle in 5 Minutes

Because that's really all the extra time you have anyway, right?

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Jul 14

Free Your Weekends With This 2-Hour After-Work Clean Routine

Using your added leisure hours on summer Fridays to clean means that you're basically giving yourself a guilt-free weekend.

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Jun 22

How to get your cleaning tasks done during the week

The key to making sure you're not cleaning on the weekend is simple: make sure you get your cleaning tasks done during the week! Here's a gameplan ...

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Dec 20

15 minutes of cleaning

It's TOTALLY possible to keep your house clean with just 15 minutes a day of cleaning!  Really! 

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Dec 6

Blossom Stitch Washcloths

This step by step tutorial of how to make homemade crochet cotton washcloths project is done in a creative beautiful blossom stitch. 

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Oct 14

Quick Clean Ups Free Printable

I know I am not the only one who does a quick clean up around the house before a friend calls and says she is “on her way”. Quick cleans can also b...

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Sep 28

Two Ingredient Homemade Oven Cleaner

The steps are simple.  Sprinkle some baking soda all over the bottom of the oven.  Then pour a bit of vinegar over top. (Not too much.)&n...

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Oct 22

Free Printable Cleaning Schedules

Not everyone likes to clean, but everyone loves a clean house. The key is maintenance so things don’t get out of control…..by creating go...

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Jul 23

How To Clean Your Toaster Without Scrubbing

If you love using your George Foreman grill but not scraping it afterward to clean it, try this: Right after using the grill, unplug it and place a...

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Mar 13

How To Clean Mini Blinds

    Mini-blinds may be a nice window treatment, but they sure can be a pain to maintain since each slat has to be washed one by one. T...

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Mar 10

DIY Disposal Cleaner

If you don't like pouring harsh chemicals down the drain here is a natural way using everyday products you have at home. Find how

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Jan 18
Nov 19

How to Clean a porcelain sink

If you have a porcelain sink the first thing you want to do is to  wash it with dish soup...find more .

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Nov 13
Oct 9

How to Clean Your Pillows

There’s also a fairly interesting quick test which will let you know when it is time to replace your pillows.  If they pass the test – then you...

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