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Mar 3

How To Make Your Eye Makeup Look Better

Use a brush to apply, or smudge out, eyeliner. Use this technique on the upper AND lower lash line.

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Feb 24
Dec 7
Nov 25

Perfect Blue Eye-Makeup!

Check out our tips and picks, then run and dig out your summer makeup bag. It's time to bring back the blues. 

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Nov 6

4 Makeup Tips for Perfectly Primed Eyes

Before applying eye shadows, create a flawless base that brightens your eyes and enhances your overall look with pro tips from a makeup artist.

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Oct 25

10 Genius Makeup Hacks For Women With Hooded Eyelids

With a little dexterity and the right tools, you can turn your hooded canvas into a makeup masterpiece.

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Jul 26

How To: The Five Minute Evening Eye

The technique is to rim and waterline around the whole eye with a pencil that's super pigmented (choose wisely—some suggestions below), using a det...

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Jun 23

Party Makeup Inspiration

Take a cue from the deep blue sea and try this look one night this week! It’s especially sultry with a tan (or bronzer in my case) and not overkill

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