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Feb 25

The Best Hair Looks From Fall 2017 Runways

Super crops, uptown glamour, and dream texture.

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Feb 24

15 Spring Hair Color Trends to Inspire You

The finish line for winter is so close you can almost taste it, so what better way to change up your look for spring than a new hue?

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Feb 24

Color-Changing Hair Dye Is Here and It's Pure Magic

It's like a mood ring for your head.

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Jan 15

The Bun That Proves Minimalism Is Back

Think of this as the messy bun's more sophisticated, grown-up cousin. It's clean, polished, structured — and just slightly more work.

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Dec 25

Tricks to Caring for Every Type of Curl

Put down the flat iron and cancel your weekly blowout.These pro tricks and innovative products will help you fall in love with your full and fabulo...

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Dec 11

8 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Conditioner

Here, professionals share the dos and don'ts of conditioning your hair.

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Nov 30

What To Expect From A Keratin Treatment

Here's what to expect after a keratin treatment!

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Nov 15

Bridal Beauty Looks From 2017 Runways

For the ultimate aisle-worthy looks.

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Nov 13

Want Long Hair for the Wedding? Extensions Might Be the Answer

Many brides dream of gorgeous mermaid hair for the wedding, but if you don't actually have that hair—can extensions be the answer?

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Nov 4

Hairstyles for Women Over 30

As a 30-something, you're pretty busy building your career and family. You want a polished, but easy hairstyle that's also on-trend. We combed ...

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Oct 23

9 Products For Perfectly Air-Dried Hair

Here's to planning a breakup talk with your blowdryer...

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Oct 10

12 Hair Color Trends You Need to Try For Your Fall Makeover

Fall is the ideal time to dye your hair,because you don't have to worry about the sun or chlorine altering the formula.

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Sep 29

Everything You Need To Know About Air-Drying Your Hair

From glamour curls to a pixie with just the right amount of quirk, these techniques will help you nail the IDGAF look — without having to spend two...

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Sep 25

These Are The Hair Products To Splurge & Save On

As it turns out, the basic picks (shampoo and conditioner) make for solid splurges, while items that are normally at higher price points (hello, ha...

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Sep 20

How to Go Back to Your Natural Hair Color

Once you've been coloring your strands for a while, it's a good idea to give the bleach a breather and go back to your natural hair color.

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Sep 15

BunDrop Hair Trend

Long, shiny, healthy hair is already pretty irresistible. . . but now with the #bundrop hair trend, long hair is more mesmerizing than ever.

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Sep 13

How To Use Hair Products Better

We’ve all got a bathroom cabinet full of beauty products we’ve tried once and didn’t think they worked for us. But are we using them the right way,...

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Sep 13

4 Signs You Should Stop Coloring Your Hair

Once you start dyeing your hair to cover the grays, how do you know when enough is enough?

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Sep 6

DIY Papaya Hair Mask for Beautiful and Healthy Hair

Ripe papaya is a popular ingredient for homemade hair masks. Along with papaya, coconut milk and honey are great for making a hydrating and growth-...

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Sep 2

The Raddest Haircuts To Get This Fall

Looking for a new haircut this fall? Here are some ideas for you!

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