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Apr 24

Clothing Fix-It Kit

Here's a mending must-have: A simple business-card organizer (from an office-supply store) that keeps all the fixings for your clothes in one place...

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Aug 29

Emergency Craft Kit

The beauty of this gift is that if even if people have these items, they can always use more. And even for people who aren’t “crafty” they can use ...

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Feb 5

Emergency Preparedness Pet Kit

If you are in a natural disaster or emergency & you need to leave your home quickly, you will need a pet survival kit for your 4 legged fri...

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Jan 9

DIY Car Kit

Are you tired of carrying a heavy purse around with you everyday? Why not make a car kit with all the important things you made need? You will ...

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Nov 16

Daddy Doody Kit

Have fun making a kit for the expectant daddy in your life! Find the way to do it .

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