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Jan 8

Key Lime Coins

Dough may be shaped into rolls, then frozen for up to 2 months. When ready to bake, thaw rolls slightly, slice, and bake as directed for 15 to 18 m...

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Aug 15

Chile-Lime Melon Salad

Here, the lime juice is squeezed fresh, the chili powder is sprinkled to taste, the salt is coarse and I add other accents — roasted pepitas, crumb...

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Aug 12

12 Tasty Lime Recipes to Squeeze In This Summer

Packed with antioxidants and fat-free flavor, lime is a staple in any fridge. We have the best lime recipes to brighten up the final days of summer.

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Aug 4

key Lime Pie

First is the crust.You want a crisp graham cracker base that isn’t too sweet, but not too bland either.The crispness of the crust stands in contras...

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Aug 4

Mexican Black Bean Burgers With Lime & Coriander

Scatter rocket on 6 roll halves or slices of bread, top with burgers. Top with fresh tomato salsa, slices of avocado, rocket and the remaining brea...

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Jun 30

Chile Lime Grilled Corn In the Cob

In a small food processor, combine the avocado mayonnaise, olive oil, cilantro, lime, serrano, garlic powder, onion powder and a few generous pinch...

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Jun 22

Spaghetti Squash Noodle Bowl and Lime Peanut Sauce Recipe

This is a healthy and delisious recipe for spaghetti squash lovers! The lime peanut sauce makes it even better!

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Dec 20

Totally Tangy Cherry Lime Smoothie

This is pretty tangy, so if  you prefer thing on the sweeter side, add your favorite sweetener.

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Dec 20

Lime & Cilantro Shrimp Tacos

his recipe makes enough for two tacos – but easily doubles, triples etc. to feed a crowd. Margaritas, Coronas and Mariachi music opt...

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Dec 2

Coconut Lime Soap

This soap is made with coconut milk and coconut-lime fragrance oil. With the added chopped coconut and lime zest exfoliant on the edge, these bars ...

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Oct 29

Strawberry & Lime Moscato Punch

My favorite drink to make for a party is a punch.  They’re so easy to make and they taste so great!  I love that you can just put everyth...

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Oct 16

Spiced Beet Ginger Soup with Lime Coconut Cream

And, after eating a bowl of this soup, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before now. Pairing beets with ginger seems so obvious but unlike carr...

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Sep 9

Mexican Chopped Salad with Greek Yogurt Cilantro Lime Ranch

This has got to be the healthiest dinner I’ve ever eaten no doubt. I mean this is a salad without cheese that is actually amazingly delic...

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Sep 9

Creamy Avocado & Cilantro Lime Detox Dressing

Everyone needs a good creamy salad dressing in their back pocket! A salad is just so much more satisfying when it’s loaded with healthy fats that p...

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Jul 19

Honey Glazed Salmon with Browned Butter Lime Sauce

This was the BEST salmon I think that I have had.  It tasted like I was at a 5 star restaurant eating this.  And I love that it was pan s...

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Jul 16

Blueberry Lime Cream Cheese Pound Cake

We really loved the bright bursts of blueberries, zesty lime and sweet cream cheese frosting. It also has cream cheese in the cake to keep it moist...

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Jul 15

Citrus Ice Cubes

Party punch calls for festive ice: giant frozen cubes capturing bright slices of fresh citrus. To make the ice, thinly slice lemons, limes, and ora...

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Jun 29

Mango & Lime Ricotta Parfaits

Who knew mango & lime taste so good together? A quick summer treat..

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Apr 11

Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

Fruit salad is very easy to make. Leave out the dressing if you wish, but you will be missing out on its sweet-citrus flavor that enhances t...

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Nov 13

Coconut Lime Margaritas

Ingredients 1 cup shredded sweetened coconut 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice 1 cup cream of coconut 1/2 cup of teq...

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