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Jan 15

THIS Is How To Make Chrome Lipstick Work In Your Everyday Life

Rather than going for major statement shades — like blue, gold, even red — we find that reaching for nude or brown makes the style that much more w...

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Dec 19

5 Steps To Your Most Kissable Lips

Pucker up for your softest, most kissable lips to date with these five steps.

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Nov 25

The 9 Best Dark Lipsticks For Winter

It's moody lip season, everyone.

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Nov 20

3 Common Lip Balm Ingredients That Irritate Your Lips

While a fruit-flavored balm may be tempting, some contain unnecessary ingredients that could actually be doing your lips more harm than good.

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Nov 15

7 3-Minute Party Looks Just Using Lipstick

Here are seven super-quick makeup looks you can create using only lipstick.

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Oct 6

Glitter Lips

A brief history of the glittery mouth, plus a few tips on how to get one yourself.

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Oct 5

5 Lip-Plumping Products That Actually Work

The new generation of lip-plumping topicals offers an impressively pillowy effect without the sting.

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Sep 29

Your Guide to Mastering the Perfect Gradient Lip

The saturated color starts at the center of the lip, gradually fading in intensity as it spans outward, but don't confuse it with the ever-popular ...

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Sep 24

Fall Makeup Inspiration

Here's how to have the perfect pour this fall and also for winter!

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Sep 20

Crystal Lips

Makeup bloggers are creating stunning lip art inspired by the pretty stones.

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Sep 12

The Foolproof Way to Put on Lip Liner

Let's talk about lip liner: Getting a thin, even line is practically impossible. So how do you get it flawless the first time, every time? Think li...

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Sep 12

The Best Color Trick To Make Your Lips Pop!

Lip color can really tie a look together. Try adding a bit more dimension to that deep plum hue by layering lighter shades and highlights. It will ...

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Aug 25

Rose Gold Lips

This isn’t a sit-down-let’s-DIY-today kind of project. This is a little lip sitch that I like to do all of the time when I want to take my nude...

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Aug 13

Lips Reimagined

Want something different for your lips??? Here are some great ideas!

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Aug 4

Plum Lipsticks!

Here are the best tips if you want to wear your plum lipsticks!

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Aug 4

Lip Injectables Tested

Blogstar winner Love Luc goes on a quest for fuller lips....

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Jul 28

4 Cheap Dupes for High-End Lipsticks

In as much as we’d like to get our hands on expensive lippies, the truth of the matter is some of us are not as rich as we hope we’d be. Although t...

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Jul 19

Pink Lips

Simply swipe in the middle of both lips and blend outward until you've achieved your desired rosiness.

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Jul 18

The Best Non-Drying Lipsticks

Herea are some favorite matte lipsticks that not only feel comfortable, but seriously deliver in the pigment and texture departments. 

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Jul 8

How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger in Just 30 Seconds

Lip contouring! This is the trick to make your lips look fuller and bigger instantly! It’s easier than you think and you can do it with any lip col...

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