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Jan 15

THIS Is How To Make Chrome Lipstick Work In Your Everyday Life

Rather than going for major statement shades — like blue, gold, even red — we find that reaching for nude or brown makes the style that much more w...

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Dec 23

How to Make Natural Homemade Red Lipstick!

You’ve dabbled in making homemade lip balm and would like to go to the next level by learning how to make lipstick?

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Nov 18

3 Matte Lipstick Trends To Try This Season

By keeping an arsenal of light and summery lipsticks in your fall rotation, you’ll help fight off whatever winter blues may come your way. Talk abo...

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Nov 18

The Boldest Lipstick Colors Of The Season

From warm shimmery tones to deep and pigmented burgundy, you’ll want to adopt these unusual tones into your everyday look.

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Nov 15

7 3-Minute Party Looks Just Using Lipstick

Here are seven super-quick makeup looks you can create using only lipstick.

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Sep 24

Fall Makeup Inspiration

Here's how to have the perfect pour this fall and also for winter!

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Aug 25

12 No-Lipstick Lipstick Shades

For sure, we all love a bold red lip! It's just that sometimes we just need something a bit more natural...Here are the best no-lipstick lipstick s...

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Aug 21

Lip Service

Matte lipstick has been huge for a few years now. But there’s something we can do to make it a little more alive! I promise you will still enjoy ...

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Aug 4

How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

When it comes to fade-proofing your pout, it’s always best to start with a primer or lip conditioner. This will help to moisturise the lips and pre...

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Jun 23

Lipstick Lust List

See here the lipstick shades that we all need to have a complete makeup bag!

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Jun 23

10 lipstick tricks to get sexy pout-worthy lips

Lipstick is that one make-up wonder, we can’t do without. However, some of us do struggle with getting the tricks right for the look we may wish fo...

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Jun 23

These Jelly Lipsticks Have Actual Flowers In Them

If you thought mood changing lipstick was cool, meet your new beauty obsession. This jelly color-changing lipstick actually comes wi...

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Jun 22

The Best Drugstore Matte Lipsticks

Here are the best drugstore matte lipsticks! Let's give them a try!

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Jun 22

A Brief Analysis Of Lipstick Shapes

People who love lipstick—and I mean really love it—wear it down, but not everyone wears down their lipsticks the same way. Let's see the differences!

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