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Jun 16

DIY After-Sun Face Mask

Forget spending time and money on pre-made face masks, heal your sun damage with this DIY After-Sun Face Mask! Made with just 4 simple ingredi...

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Jul 1

Honey Yogurt Face Mask

This mask is a serious life-saver no matter what your skin type. The cucumber hydrates and soothes skin without making it oily, while the...

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Apr 11

Homemade Clay Facial Mask

The French green clay is great at pulling things out of your skin and pores. It’s like a green, pasty, pore vacuum. The seaweed and pollen are ...

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Jan 12

Fast Facial Avocado Mask

In the winter our skin gets very dry. Try this face mask once a week and you'll see a big difference. Make a paste out of avocado and olive ...

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Dec 12

Egg White Mask For Oily Skin

Egg white works amazing for oily skin. It helps to tighten the skin and shrink large pores. This mask will leave your skin glowing and firm. It’s...

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Nov 9

Avocado Hair Mask

Think of a hair mask (also known as a hair paste) as a heavy-duty conditioning treatment, intended to make your hair smooth, shiny and soft.  

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Nov 8

Egg Mask

A face mask is a great step to better skin.

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Oct 29

Masked Pumpkins

dorn your tabletop with one of our pet projects: a pair of trick-or-treating pumpkins. The decoration is hauntingly simple to make using our on...

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