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Jan 29

Warm Molasses Milk

This tonic tastes rich, like hot chocolate… but healthier. It’s sweet, with an enticing bitterness, hint of spice, and jolt of warmth.

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Nov 16

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe With Dates & Molasses

Gingerbread cookies are one of the classic Christmas desserts and even the scent of them often evokes memories of childhood gingerbread house makin...

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Nov 16

Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

Technically,blackstrap molasses is the byproduct of the sugarcane refining process. When sugar cane is mashed and boiled, cane syrup is created. A ...

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Nov 13

Braised Balsamic And Molasses Lamb

The strong flavour of molasses stands up to lamb shanks, while braising mellows out the complex flavours. Serve with a side of couscous and an extr...

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Dec 2

Ginger Spice Molasses Cookies

This recipe makes a really big batch so you can eat some now and freeze the rest for later, which is great for the holiday season.

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Oct 5

Sweet Brown Molasses Bread Just like Outback Steakhouse

My very favorite part of eating out at the Outback Steakhouse is when the sweet dark brown bread arrives before the meal. It’s soft and delicious, ...

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Aug 31

Molasses-Ginger Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

The cookies can be baked up to 2 days in advance; store in an airtight container at room temperature. Assemble the ice cream sandwiches just before...

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