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Oct 5

Felt Monsters To Make with Your Kids

Print out the pattern and then cut out the monster and other pieces you’d like to use. Trace the pieces on felt, and you’re ready to put your monst...

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Oct 27

Halloween Cupcakes So Cute They’re Scary

These Halloween cupcakes are so cute they’ll have your kids eating all their veggies to get to the monster at the end of their meal. And they make ...

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Oct 30

Cereal Box Monsters

You will need: 2 cereal boxes construction paper: green, white and black 2 cardboard egg cups black marker

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Oct 30

The Glitter Slime Monsters

1.wash some baby food jars and spray paint the lids.

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Oct 26

Chomping Monsters

Ingredients Cookies 1 package (16 oz) Pillsbury® Ready To Bake!™ refrigerated chocolate chip cookies (24 cookies) 1 1/4 cups white vanil...

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Sep 7

Tattle Monsters

If you have been trying very hard to teach the kids about the importance of working together, playing nicely and most important we don’t need to kn...

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