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Feb 25

4 Artist-Approved Nail Trends to Try in 2017

New year, new you, new mani, courtesy of Hollywood's leading nail artist. 

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Feb 25

The 7 Nail Shapes, Explained

You know that moment when the manicurist asks which shape you want and you go with your tried-and-true oval or squoval. Perhaps it's time to break ...

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Feb 25

12 Nail Looks to Try for Spring's Most Pastel Holiday

From Easter eggs to Fabergé eggs, there's a design for every skill set.

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Feb 12

20 Razor-Sharp Stiletto Nails That Will Inspire Your Next Manicure

Keep reading for 20 razor-sharp stiletto nails that will inspire your next visit to the nail salon.

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Jan 15

On-Trend Nail Art for Adults

Fun, colorful nail art doesn't have to be just for teenagers and celebrities.

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Dec 6

Nail Art For Christmas

 Have a look at the gallery and choose the one that’s right for you.

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Oct 26

Succulent Nails

It's time to take your love for succulents to the next level — by growing a few on your fingernails.

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Oct 11

11 Absolutely Marvelous Ways to Paint Your Nails This Fall

Just imagine how good these manicures will look with your fall wardrobe.

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Sep 29

Pumpkin Spice Nail Tutorial

If you thought the pumpkin spice trend had gone too far, then you clearly have yet to see this video. 

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Sep 23

Mani Matchmaker: Best Polish for Your Wedding Bouquet

Do you wnat to match your nail polish with your wedding bouquet of flowers? Here are some ideas!

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Sep 23

Super Intricate Nail Art To Try Now!

While there's no shortage of gorgeous, original nail art out there, sometimes you come across a mani so beautiful that you can't help but freeze an...

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Sep 23

The Nail Contouring Trend

The technique can make fingers appear slimmer and help nails look longer without the help of acrylics.

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Sep 20

How To Give Yourself A Flawless Manicure At Home

For these moments when you don’t have time (or money) to get to the salon, the next best thing is DIY.To ensure high-gloss results,we’ve broken dow...

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Sep 20

The Best Nail Trends For Fall 2016

Here, the seven coolest nail-art trends straight from the runways.Some can even be done easily at home.

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Sep 17

29 Manicure Ideas From Fashion Week

Ahead, we rounded up the 29 manicures we loved most at New York Fashion Week.Click through to get inspiration for a long time to come.

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Sep 15

10 Iconic Red Nail Polishes You Should Try

We've rounded up the 10 most iconic red shades for your consideration.This way, you'll always be prepared before your manicure!

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Sep 13

How To Prevent And Treat Nail Fungus

Here are some foolproof tips to avoid contracting nail fungus.

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Sep 1

Holographic Nails

Photos don't do this Instagram trend justice — you have to see the manicure in motion.

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Aug 23

How To Find Your Best Nail Shape

Modernizing your manicure doesn't have to mean straying from your signature shade."Try experimenting with the nail shape to freshen up your loo...

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Aug 23

Waterless Manicure

Here's how to make your nails look better in the long run.

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