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Aug 19

Copper & Pearl Felt Necklace

For this project, you will need:Wool feltMetallic iron-on 18 gauge copper wire, found at any bead and jewelry storeCopper chain, found at any ...

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Jul 12

DIY Faux Stoneware Necklace

You Will Need:-Suede or leather cord-Polymer Clay -Acrylic Paint -Paintbrush-Old Toothbrush-Skewer

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Jul 7

Delicate Gold Necklaces

What a lovely idea to have a necklace you wear every day, almost like a uniform.

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May 25

Painted Wood Necklace Tutorial

Supplies:cable chain- 34?8 1/2? wood beadslobster clasp4 jump ringspaintpaint brushwire cutterstape (if you want strait lines on your painted beads)

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Aug 27

DIY Rope Necklace

You'll need:- decorative rope- pins- needle and thread (match the thread to your rope)- jewelry clasps (or snaps, if you’re lazy like me)- scissors

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Aug 22

DIY Knotted Necklace

What you'll need- 2 m of thick rope (around 8 mm)- silk ribbonextra: scissors, glue, lighter

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Nov 8

Braided Bead Necklace

WHAT YOU'LL NEED An amount of beads, it's hard to say how many, I used about 4 more beads than this jar holds. Just get more than you'll...

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