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Jan 30

Take These 5 Inspirational Steps in the New Year

When you're inspired from a pure soul level, achieving your goals and dreams becomes much easier.

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Jan 24

7 Science-Backed Tips to Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Here are the best resolution hacks to actually stick to them this time!

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Jan 15

10 Health Rules To Live By In 2017

Here are the new health rules, based on what was uncovered in 2016.

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Jan 14

5 beauty New Year’s resolutions for 2017

These 5 beauty resolutions are really important – you can’t just ignore them!

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Jan 13

2017 Calendars

These are the most beautiful calendars fo the new year!

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Jan 8

7 Women Share The Best New Year's Resolutions They Ever Stuck With

Here, 7 inspiring women share the resolutions they've stuck with over the long haul and how their lives have changed for the better.

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Jan 7

The Worst New Year's Resolutions Nutritionists Have Ever Heard From Their Clients

Here are the 'health' resolutions you really shouldn't be making!

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Jan 1

17 Easy Ways To Develop Healthy Eating Habits In The New Year

Healthy habits will last you well beyond the next 12 months.

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Jan 1
Jan 1

29 Achievable Things to Do in January

No matter how much (or how little!) time you have, there are plenty of ways to get that done-and-done feeling.

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Jan 1

5 New Year’s Eve Party Favors

Whether it’s breakfast for the next morning, or a sweet treat to ring in the new year, these delicious treats are ideal for stuffing goodie bags.

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Jan 1

5 New Year’s Good Luck Tricks From Around the World

Kissing at 12:00 is great. But this year, consider borrowing one of these fun good luck traditions instead.

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Jan 1

10 Resolutions Health Experts Wish You Would Make

Forget the same-old goals you'll abandon by February 1. Try these fresh new ideas instead.

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Jan 1

These Restaurants and Stores Are Open on New Year’s Eve and Day

Ringing in the new year won’t shut down your shopping plans

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Dec 31

The 5 Best Kiss-Proof Lipsticks for NYE

Here is a definitive guide on the best long-lasting lipsticks that will keep you looking fresh all NYE and ready to pucker up at midnight. 

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Dec 31

7 NYE Beauty Looks You Can Do With Products You Already Own

Keep reading for easy makeup ideas you can totally try tonight. 

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Dec 29

5 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When They Start New Year's Resolution Diets

Here’s how to ease the transition from cookies to kale.

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Dec 18

25 New Year's Quotes That Will Inspire a Fresh Start

These inspirational sayings will help you all year long! 

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Dec 16

8 Foolproof Ways to Get Better Skin in 2017

Make 2017 the year you get a clean slate — and by that, we mean a flawless face and the perfect canvas for makeup.

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Dec 22

Sparkling New Year Eve Wedding Ideas

New Year is an amazing and fun holiday, the symbol of new beginnings and new ideas and saying good-bye to the old year. Having a New Year wedding i...

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