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Dec 20

DIY Paper Spinner

Craft up a few really fun spinners–You spin them and they hum! It’s super fun and most things, you probably already have around the house!

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Dec 19

Woven Paper Baubles

Everything this year appears to have been attacked with a glitter gun!

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Dec 12

6 Things to Do with Toilet Papers Rolls

Think outside the box and create something cool with your left over toilet paper rolls.  Here are 6 fantastic ideas to inspire you…

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May 25

DIY Paper Magnolia Blossoms

Here's what you'll need:Crepe paper in white, light pink, and greenWhite wrapped floral wireSpray adhesiveWatercolorsLight green floral tapeBranche...

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May 25

DIY Daffodil wreath

Materials: mini grapevine wreath (got my 6" one from Michael's), crepe paper, wire, moss, glue gun.

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May 25

DIY Paper Flowers

 I cannot believe how real they look! Plus, they were so easy to make.Here’s what you’ll need:1. Paper2. Scissors3. Hot GlueAnd that’s it! &nb...

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May 1

DIY Spring Paper Flower Wreath

Spring may be a time to get organized, but we think it's a great time to bust out the dusty craft bins and get creative! There's no better feeling ...

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Mar 8

Diy Spring Paper Flowers

A fun and simple way to bring some spring and color inside. 

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Dec 4

Elegant Handmade Cards

Texture is what makes these white on white handmade cards so beautiful!

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Nov 27

I Am Thankful For Placemat

Simple homemade placemats that could begin a tradition. Wonderful idea. After dinner you can sit and eat coffee and desert while the hosts read alo...

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Oct 27

Pumpkin Garland

Cut and glue a three-dimensional pumpkin garland. For each pumpkin, cut four irregular circles and ovals in gradually decreasing sizes. Layer the s...

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Oct 15

Storage Box Makeover

I chose to use fairly large boxes because we needed spacious storage at home. These are so called hat boxes and the largest box is 34×34 cm wide an...

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Oct 3

5 Minute Candy Corn Tags

When it comes to creating for holidays, I am a big fan of  easily mass produced projects – which is exactly what this is. It’ll take you longe...

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Oct 1

Halloween Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets are classic, so why not make some for Halloween? You can vary the faces from scary to happy, depending on the age group or sensit...

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Aug 29

Swarming Butterfly Chandelier

This chandelier can be made with a variety of different shapes and papers to create a look that will match your room perfectly.  Consider punc...

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Aug 29

Easy Paper Punch Flowers

There are a million tutorials out there on how to create paper flowers.Welcome to tutorial #1,000,001.I promise to make it worth your while.By usin...

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Aug 27

Book Page Flower Frame

What you need:(1) Old BookHot GlueScissorsPicture FramePencil

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Aug 11

Simplify & Organize Your Personal Files

Paper organization can be an overwhelming issue. So today, we’re going to tackle the paper clutter of our Personal Reference Files with a simple st...

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Aug 10

Filing System Organization

Color coding your filing system is a great way to organize your files, making it much easier to find what you need.Write out all of your filing nee...

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Jul 17

Bird Mobile

This beautiful bird mobile is a wonderful gift for new moms and a perfect way to add a little charm to any nursery.

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