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Nov 28

Transform Cranberry Sauce Leftovers into Healthy Breakfast Parfaits

To make these parfaits you'll need your favorite yogurt, leftover cranberry sauce, honey, and your favorite granola or cereal!

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Jun 30

Peanut Butter Chocolate Parfaits

To make beautiful layered parfaits, use a small ice-cream scoop with a spring-loaded handle. This way, you can drop whipped cream and pudding strai...

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Jun 29

Mango & Lime Ricotta Parfaits

Who knew mango & lime taste so good together? A quick summer treat..

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Jun 28

Red, White & Blue Parfaits

Two kinds of smooth gelatin -- red currant and panna cotta, which is made with cream -- are topped with currants and blueberries.

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Nov 1

Lemon and Lime Cream Parfaits with Blackberries

The cream is made by whipping together yogurt, cream cheese and little bit of honey, then you stir in citrus juice and zest to add flavor. The ...

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Oct 18

Goblin Goo Parfaits

It’s easy to transform an ordinary item, already well loved by kids and adults alike, into a spooky dessert.  

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Sep 21

Bewitching parfaits

These are marvelous in every way. Find the recipe .  

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