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Jan 1

How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

With a few simple basics, you can learn to swirl, sniff, and sip with the best of them.

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Dec 22

7 Hostess Looks for Holiday Parties Inspired By the Red Carpet

Here are the perfect looks for your holiday parties!

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Dec 11

Healthy Holiday partying, The Ayuverdic Way

Yes, it's possible to have super fun during holidays and still make it healthy!

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Dec 5

How to Wear Denim to a Fancy Holiday Party

Here's how to wear denim to a holiday party!

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Dec 4
Jul 12

Palm Leaf Table Runner

Things are about to get wild at this party. This tropical-inspired tablerunner is perfect for any summer bash.

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Jul 10

Ibiza: A Mini Guide To The Best Clubs And Beaches

There’s only one “isla” where you can experience incredible nights and lounge on dreamlike beaches, and that’s called Ibiza. 

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Jul 1

13 Easy Crafts That Celebrate American Pride

Add patriotic style to your home (and parties!) all summer long.

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Jun 28

18 July 4th Party Burger and Sandwich Recipes

Keep reading for 18 burger and sandwich recipes that will keep your guests happy, sated, and at their ease all day long.

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Dec 24

Dairy-Free Chocolate Truffles

“Truffles are perfect for dinner parties – make them beforehand, then pop them in the fridge until you’re ready to serve ”

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Dec 23

The savvy hostess guide

We've outlined the most important steps to making any special occasion run smoothly.

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Dec 21

40+ Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

 Glitter, gold, sequins and confetti as far as the eye can see!!  

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Dec 20

Kids New Years Eve Party Ideas

Here is a collection of 15 awesome ideas to keep everyone entertained and excited about the clock striking midnight.

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Dec 20

20 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

I love New Year’s Eve with all its glitter and sparkle and these ideas are easy to put together even for a last minute party.

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Dec 19

Indoor Family Activities - Just Add Masking Tape

Try the indoor family activities. 

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Dec 19

Snowman Slam: Game for Kids

This Snowman Slam game is easy to put together and lots of fun!

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Dec 19

DIY Baby Shower Favors & Decor

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, in charge of the favors and decor, or the guest of honor, you’ll love this round-up of 10 DIY baby shower fav...

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Dec 18

Simple Party Favor Gift Bags

These mini bags at the crafts store and thought for sure that there must be a cool way to decorate them. 

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Dec 4

Ballerina Marshmallows

We love these Ballerina Mallows and they are perfect for parties. All you need are cupcake liners, skewers and cake bling. 

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Dec 3

Holiday Party Cocktail Ideas

Just over two weeks til Christmas, can you believe it? With parties on the horizon, it’s nice for us mamas to let our hair down and enjoy a bevvy w...

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