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Mar 21

10 Plants and Herbs That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

Because a lavender plant smells a whole lot nicer than a bottle of bug spray.

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Mar 19

10 Plants That Can Actually Help You De-Stress

Don’t worry, you can reap the bennies even if you don’t have a green thumb.

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Mar 19

26 Plants You Should Always Grow Side-By-Side

Here, 26 plants that are way better together.

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Mar 16

11 Plants, Flowers and Herbs That'll Boost Your Mood

They're like living, breathing antidepressants.

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Mar 6

Study Shows Exposure to Plants Increases Life Expectancy

Researchers at Harvard discovered this surprising perk of living with plants.

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Jan 23

The Perfect Plant for Dark Corners (and Newbie Plant Lovers): Chinese Evergreens

Their low-maintenance requirements and tolerance of a variety of conditions makes them great for houseplant beginners.

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Jan 15

Top Fragrant Houseplants

Add color and scent to your home with these wonderfully scented specimens.

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Dec 25

11 Plants That Will Grow Better in Your Bathroom

Do you feel like a serial houseplant killer? You might want to try growing these 11 plants -- in your bathroom.

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Nov 25

How To Add Greenery To Your Home

Here’s a quick breakdown of solid options for indoor plants!

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Oct 4

Houseplants for Any Kind of Light

Let's shed some light on the subject of houseplant growing. For plants to thrive, they need proper sun exposure. To figure out how much y...

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Sep 8

10 Mighty Houseplants

When it comes to freshening up a room, houseplants are a go-to interior accessory.

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Jul 26

How To Revitalize an Unhappy Houseplant

When you're watering, does the water go straight through the soil and out the bottom of the planter? Your plant might be root-bound.

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Jul 26

How to Take Care of Bamboo

For the best results in your bamboo plants, you'll need to cultivate a bamboo-friendly environment, nurture your plants with the right nutrients, a...

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Jun 27

How to Grow More in Less Space with a Vertical Garden

Using empty wall space in creative ways can make all the difference in an apartment or small home, and it can work in a garden too! If your outdoor...

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Jun 27

How to Grow a Better Garden with Companion Planting

Do you want to boost your garden naturally? Maybe it's time to try companion planting!

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Jun 24

Make Your Garden Lush!

Want a lush garden? Join the club, who doesn’t! You can have a lush feel to your garden space, if you follow a few guidelines, show a little bit of...

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Jun 24

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

Architectural plants, or structural plants are a great way to add one, or more focal points to your yard or garden. Here are some quick tips on usi...

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Jun 24

5 Fabulous Planters to Suit every Style

Check out these fabulous plant combinations to dress up your garden for summer.

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Jun 14

Best Drought Tolerant Garden Plants

Most areas of the country are seeing a big change in the way we plant a garden. Water is becoming more and more a precious commodity and most garde...

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Dec 19

10 DIY Painted Pot Tutorials

Adding a bit of colour or pattern is a really fun way to bring some life to an area of your home that is feeling a little tired and you can coordin...

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