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Jun 16

Thyme & Plum Champagne Cocktail

It is a rather unusual combination of ingredients for cocktails,  but juste gove it a try and you'll love it!

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Dec 8

Sugar Plum Shortbread Christmas Cookies

Truly magical! A new Christmas classic… Scrumptious old-fashioned buttery shortbread kissed with sunny orange zest, a modest amount of finely chopp...

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Jul 23

Plum Vanilla Syrup & Soda

The recipe was quite easy to follow, taking less than 20 minutes to prepare from beginning to end, including a little under 15 minutes on the stove...

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Nov 13

Pork Roast With Sherry Plum Sauce(crockpot)

Ingredients: 4 pounds pork boneless loin roast 2 tablespoons vegetable oil Pork Roast With Sherry Plum Sauce Recipe

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