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Feb 12

Inspirational Quotes From Top Olympic Athletes

Get motivated to bring home the gold.

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Feb 6

Inspiring Career Quotes

Here are some great quotes for all the working girls out there!

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Jan 27

Greatest Feminist Quotes

From Malala Yousafzai to Maya Angelou, Emma Watson to Helen Mirren - here are 15 of the most empowering feminist quotes of all time.

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Jan 22

These Motivational Trainer Mantras Will Inspire You to Be Your Personal Best

Steal these quotes from the best of the biz—and watch your motivation reach new heights.

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Dec 18

25 New Year's Quotes That Will Inspire a Fresh Start

These inspirational sayings will help you all year long! 

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Jul 8

10 Beauty Quotes Every Girl Can Relate To

Here are some fun girly quotes that we can all relate to!

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Dec 19

Top 20 Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

 In a nutshell, this article is a reminder that you should not forget to appreciate the beauty of our universe.

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Nov 23

Collect moments not things

Look for more inspirational quotes...

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Dec 2

Kids Quote's Mini Book Printable

You know you need something to record all those cute things that your kids say.  So why not make  a little book to stash in your purse? ...you ...

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