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Sep 19

5 Epic Road Trip Maps That Tackle a Lifetime of Sightseeing in One Go

Road tripping is a laidback way to see a lot of places you might not get to otherwise. But if you're the type who prefers to be extremely thorough,...

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Aug 4

5 Weekend Escapes Less Than Three Hours From NYC

Whether you’re a diehard New York City-er or visiting for a week and pondering day-trip options, there’s nothing like cruising out of the city, win...

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Jul 25

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking a Day Trip

There are certain aspects you should consider before you go to ensure a successful mini-vacation.

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Jul 25

6 Tips for Road Trippers Who Don't Drive a Lot

Before you hop on the subway to pick up your rental car, it's a smart idea to brush up on both driver's ed and driver's etiquette so you can be sum...

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Jun 21

Designer Camper Van

What happens when a designer designs a camper van? The furniture that German designer Nils Holger Moormann creates in the town of Aschau is sp...

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