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Oct 6

10 Things You're Storing In The Wrong Place

Stay organized and keep everything safe in its proper place with these smart tips.

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Jun 24

How to get the best benefits form your fruits and veggies

Our handy guide to summer's fresh produce, including how to select it, storage tips and which fruits and veggies can contribute to a healthier gut,...

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Dec 19

Toy Organization: 15 Clever Ideas

Check out our 15 favorite ways to organize toys! You’ll find some of the best storage ideas here from lego storage, books, board games, matchb...

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Dec 19

Craft Supply Storage Tips & Tricks

They threatened to bury me alive …my craft supplies. Who knew glitter and glue could be so dangerous? So I took over the seldom used guest room a...

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Dec 12

Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

If you are a DIY’er, chances are pretty good you’re a crafter too. It doesn’t take many craft supplies before your home can feel cluttered and supp...

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Dec 9

7 Smart Food Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens

These seven storage ideas will help you save space when storing your food so that you don't have to keep your cereal box on the kitchen counter....

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Dec 3

Recycled Magazine Storage Box

Using items from your recycling bin, you can turn a plain old cardboard box into a decorative storage bin. 

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Sep 30

Outgrown & Seasonal Clothing Storage Challenge

The key to storing these items is to know what you've got, and to keep it organized while you're storing it so you can find and use it again when y...

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Apr 6

How to Keep Gardening Tools Clean and Rust-Free

How to Keep Gardening Tools Clean and Rust-Free? You'll need a flower pot, mineral oil and builder's sand. Find how

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Mar 20

DIY Storage For Transient Items

How to organize items that are "just passing through" your home? You may have seen "transients" like these in your home: the library books that...

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Nov 8

Mason jar storage

Step one: Cover lids with chalkboard paint.

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