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Jan 8

How to Safely Pack All Your Holiday Decor to Avoid Disaster

Follow these storage tips to preserve your favorite decorations for years to come.

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Nov 25

9 Cool & Unexpected Storage Solutions

From picture ledge nail polish holders to magnetic spice jars, read on for nine innovative ways to store your beloved knickknacks and baubles.

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Nov 25

Take Your Storage Up A Level With These Smart Shelving Hacks

With a basic tool kit, some hardware store supplies, and a little creativity, you can transform these big box store buys into top-shelf accessories.

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Nov 20

7 Simple Storage Hacks That Cost $0

Here are some unexpected places where you can pack in the goods for easy retrieval.

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Jul 28

The Best Dorm Storage Solutions

We rounded up 20 good-looking storage solutions that would be perfect for a dorm room (and might even carry you into your first apartment if you tr...

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Jul 25

Ingenious Ways to Store Bikes and Surfboards in a Small Space

Fitting big hobbies—the type that require a board, a helmet, and maybe even a wetsuit—into a teeny-tiny home can be a tall order. Your best bets fo...

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Jul 25

Smart & Sneaky Outdoor Storage Solutions

Small outdoor spaces suffer the same fate as indoor rooms— where to put all the clutter? Outdoor furniture cushions, lamps, and pillows all need a ...

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Dec 19

Craft Supply Storage Tips & Tricks

They threatened to bury me alive …my craft supplies. Who knew glitter and glue could be so dangerous? So I took over the seldom used guest room a...

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Dec 14

35 Craft Supply Storage Ideas

Craft Storage Ideas for washi tape, ribbon, paper, fabric, and more.

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