Dec 19

14 Ornament Ideas For Your First Christmas


  Your first Christmas together as husband and wife or as a couple. It’s a special time. And just like your wedding day, it will only happen once. Make it memorable. Maybe you’ll plan your first family Christmas dinner or throw a party for friends at your humble home. You’ll probably go shopping for presents, maybe wrap them together by a toasty fire. And you’ll most definitely pick out and decorate your first Christmas tree. And what will be the first ornament you hang? Your first Christmas (together) ornament, of course! Here are a few ideas..              




                                        This is an ornament you can make by yourself.Print out a favorite poem or song typed in a pretty font, cut into strips and set inside a plastic ball ornament. You could also use your wedding vows or lyrics to your first dance song. You can also add a photo. Find more here:                      

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