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Jan 23

Get Cozy With Hot Caramel-Popcorn Bourbon Apple Cider

Each sip makes you feel a little warmer, in whatever way you need.

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Nov 6

Apple Cider Donuts

Apple Cider Donuts are loaded with delicious fall flavors. Celebrate the season with this old-fashioned treat the whole family will adore!

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Dec 19

Make Your House Smell like Christmas With This Festive Recipe

It’s a festive drink that the kids and non-drinkers can enjoy, though if you do want it to be a little boozy, you can just add in a dash of brandy ...

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Dec 10

Cider Chai Syrup

Apples and chai spices are a likely combination and work gloriously, especially when enjoyed in front of a fire.

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Nov 24

Apple Cider Mimosas

Simple and delicious Apple Cider Mimosas are the perfect Fall cocktail! Cheers!

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Dec 4

Spiced Vanilla Pear Apple Cider

For this cider I’ve decided to add a few extra ingredients to make it extra special. Vanilla, Pear, and Apples are the best of friends. When they a...

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Oct 6

Apple Cider Doughnuts

To prevent a further fall from grace, I’ve crafted an easy baked apple cider doughnut recipe that’s perfect to make year-round sans deep fryer.

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Sep 22

Autumn Apple Cider

This is one of my favorite drinks to make in the fall. It's the perfect blend of sweet and spice, and perfectly warms you up on a chilly day..........

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Dec 2

Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Cider

When the weather turns cooler, one of the favorite things to make for a family gathering is slow cooker apple cider. This year, why not mix it up...

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Nov 19

Caramel Apple Cider Cocktail

Delicious caramel and apple flavored cocktail.Find more .

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Nov 15

Sweetened Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir

Some of the benefits of apple cider vinegar are: It is a natural remedy for heartburn. Can help clear up skin conditions and acne Promotes d...

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Nov 2

Apple Cider Martini

Once you have your beautifully coated martini glasses, fill a martini shaker with ice, and add in the applejack, orange curacao, cider, and spl...

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Oct 29

Flamin' Cinnamon Cider

Ingredients 8 cups apple cider or apple juice 1 cup red cinnamon candies, such as Red Hots brand Thinly sliced red and/or green apples Th...

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Oct 24

Baked Apple Cider Maple Syrup Donuts with Cinnamon-Sugar Topping

Don’t these colors look a bit spoooooky?  

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Oct 14

Apple Cider Smoothie

 Ingredients: 8 ounces apple cider, chilled 1 cup vanilla yogurt

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Oct 11

Hot Spiced Cider Recipe

Ingredients 1 gallon apple cider 1 cup brown sugar (or a little more to taste) 1 teaspoon whole cloves 2 cinnamon sticks

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Oct 1

Apple Cider Caramel Cookies

They taste just like a caramel apple! Find the recipe .  

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