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Mar 18

Roasted Potatoes and Chickpeas with Green Harissa

Roasted potatoes and chickpeas tossed with a fresh green harissa sauce and tangy feta- a lovely side or lunch recipe.

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Mar 5

Feta and Tomato Braised Chickpeas

The recipe is only a notch more involved than cracking open a can of beans from the back of the pantry and calling it dinner.

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Feb 19

Lemon Chicken Chickpea Soup

The soup is seasoned with turmeric, cumin, and ginger—spices that not only warm the belly but give the soup its vibrant golden hue.

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Feb 12

Chickpea Bolognese

You won't miss ground beef once you taste this chickpea-loaded sauce.

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Jan 22

Chickpea Miso Gravy Bowl with Sweet and Tangy Portobello Mushrooms

A warm and cozy gluten-free quinoa bowl made with roasted sweet potatoes, chickpea miso gravy, and balsamic garlic Portobello mushrooms.

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Jan 22

Chickpea Salad

Mashed chickpeas create a texture very similar to flaked chicken and the sauce gets a boost from a creamy eggless mayonnaise.

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Jan 1

Chickpea Pasta With Almonds and Parmesan

Chickpeas and pasta! Here's how to combine them!

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Dec 31

Chickpea Tomato Soup With Rosemary

This easy, hearty, one-pot meal, loaded with chickpeas and vegetables in every bite is so flavorful with and perfect for a cold winter night.

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Nov 25

Creamy Kale Salad With Chickpeas & Shallot

Insanely delicious kale salad crispy chickpeas, pan-fried shallot, and a creamy tahini dressing. Just 30 minutes required for this vegan, gluten fr...

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Nov 6

5 Genius Ways To Cook With Chickpea Flour

Chickpea flour is nutty, not overpoweringly beany; and it has a subtle sweetness that's just right in desserts or savory dishes.

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Oct 6

The Easiest Way To Add Protein To Your Diet

Lentils, chickpeas, beans, and dry peas—are so versatile, you’ll never hit that protein fatigue wall. Plus, they’re super high in fiber (four times...

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Sep 23

7 Creative Recipes To Make With A Can Of Chickpeas

For a quick weeknight dinner, these creative recipes using mostly pantry staples are pure genius.

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Sep 2

Sun Dried Tomato Chickpea Burgers

Flavorful chickpea burgers infused with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh herbs. An easy, 10-ingredient plant-based entrée perfect on the stovetop or gr...

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Sep 2

Chickpea Bowl With Zucchini Toast

Break out of your usual lunch routine with this healthy bowl.

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Aug 30

Coconut Red Curry With Chickpeas

Could there possibly be too many curries in the world? I say, no.

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Aug 13

Carrots, Farro And Chickpeas

Simple strawberry rhubarb crumble bars with a crumbly oat topping! Naturally sweetened, vegan and gluten free, 10 ingredients, and so delicious!

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Aug 11

Roasted Carrots with Farro, Chickpeas & Herbed Crème Fraîche

This roasted carrot recipe looks gourmet, but it's surprisingly easy to make! It would be a lovely side dish on your holiday table or a great weekn...

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Jul 24

Classic Vegan Falafel

Soaked chickpeas are blended with onion, garlic, parsley, cumin, cardamom, coriander and sea salt. A little oat flour keeps these gluten free while...

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Jul 21

Summer chickpea salad

Just as you're ready to serve, give the salad a final dress with the fresh mint and basil. Taste one last time for seasoning – you may want to add ...

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Jul 16

Honey Roasted Cinnamon Chickpeas

If you're craving something sweet, but know a cookie will have you feeling flat, reach for this warm, low-cal option instead: honey roasted cinnamo...

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