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Feb 5

The True Meaning Behind Every Rose Color

The hue you choose makes all the difference.

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Feb 5
Jan 23

The Perfect Plant for Dark Corners (and Newbie Plant Lovers): Chinese Evergreens

Their low-maintenance requirements and tolerance of a variety of conditions makes them great for houseplant beginners.

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Jan 15

10 Photos That Prove Kokedama is the Best Plant Trend Right Now

Kokedama is Japanese for "moss ball," and these Instagram photos show why this versatile plant is showing up everywhere.

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Jan 1

5 Beautiful, Do-It-Yourself Flower Arrangement Ideas

The expert behind all the arrangements and advice on these pages is Lindsey Taylor, a New York City–based garden designer and floral stylist.

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Dec 25

11 Plants That Will Grow Better in Your Bathroom

Do you feel like a serial houseplant killer? You might want to try growing these 11 plants -- in your bathroom.

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Dec 25

24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

Find fragrance and beauty in flowering houseplants.The blooming beauties described here will help you pick the best ones for your home.

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Dec 16
Nov 25

This Graceful Plant Can Even Survive in a Windowless Room

Peace lilies are vibrant and lovely, with verdant leaves that grace any indoor space with a touch of life. With these tips, you can enjoy them for ...

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Nov 25

DIY Peonies Arrangement

1.Pick the blooms that haven’t yet opened.2. Fill your vase with an oasis foam instead of just water – this really allows for control on what you a...

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Oct 24

DIY Wooden Planter

This footed planter is a nice size for a table centerpiece, and the contents can be changed up depending on the season.

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Oct 16

Pretty in Pink Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Whether you gravitate toward a brighter, bolder hot pink or prefer to stay on the color's softer, more romantic side, get wedding day inspo for you...

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Oct 4

Houseplants for Any Kind of Light

Let's shed some light on the subject of houseplant growing. For plants to thrive, they need proper sun exposure. To figure out how much y...

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Oct 4

7 Thoughtful Gifts to Send That Aren't Flowers

It's hard to go wrong with flowers, but there are occasions when a bouquet might not be right, or you want a more creative way to let someone know ...

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Sep 29

Make a Flower Wreath with Marigolds!

Trim some of your favorite garden marigolds to create a beautiful seasonal wreath for all your guests to see.

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Sep 20

37 Easy Flower Arrangements Using Fall's Favorite Hues

Whether you're a floral pro or a novice designer, get your home party-ready this fall with a bounty of colorful and unique floral arrangements you ...

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Aug 15

How to Build a Floral Bouquet

Learn how to assemble your own bouquet in this step by step guide.To get started, you can use flowers from your own garden or you can buy a few var...

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Aug 13

Wild Flower Arrangement

Here is a great tutorial for the best wild flower arrangement ever!

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Aug 13

The Magic of Flower Bombing

Flower bombing — covering things in faux (or real!) flowers, is the latest trend, and it's a great way to get a huge impact while spending not a lo...

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Jul 26

Flower Arrangements with Fruits & Herbs

Here are four ways to make "edible" arrangements(just don't eat them unless your fruit or herb supplier told you they were food-safe!).

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