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Feb 4

12 Clementine Recipes You Must Try

Clementines aren't just for peeling and eating! We've got a dozen recipes, from appetizers to salads to desserts, that give the sweet, seedles...

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Jul 14

Chocolate Cacao Smoothie Bowl

Like a regular smoothie, smoothie bowls are a great way to pack in loads of greens, berries, superfoods, vitamins and minerals, but you a...

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Jun 17

Understanding portion sizes: the easy way

Most of us are now aware of which foods we should and shouldn’t be consuming on a regular basis, but it’s how much we eat, as well as what we eat, ...

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Oct 31

8 Creative Halloween Fruit & Veggie Platters

Cute trays and platters for a Halloween party or just some family fun!Veggie Skeleton with Double DipBlack Bean Cat Veggie PlatterFrankenstein Vegg...

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Sep 28

Brown Sugar Roasted Fall Fruit

Browning the butter lightly before tossing with the apples and pears brings a slightly nutty flavour to the dish. Serve over vanilla ice cream or f...

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Sep 21

Fruit Pizza Roll-Ups

Wouldn’t this make for an easy breakfast, too? In fact, it’s so simple that you can let your child help you make it.

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Sep 19

Sparkling Fruit Sangria

A crowd-pleasing bubbly, fruity white sangria that is perfect for any occasion!

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Sep 15

Orange Julius

Make the classic Orange Julius right at home without a trip to Dairy Queen! This Orange Julius is made with simple ingredients that you likely alre...

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Sep 11

Paleo Watermelon Cake

This is best when served within a few hours of assembly, but I have left this in the fridge overnight and nothing budged, so you can prepare it ahe...

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Sep 11

Fruit-Topped Lemon Pound Cake

Filled with fresh strawberries and nectarines, this summery pound cake gets a sweet-tart finish with lemon curd and whipping cream.

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May 25

Blueberry Yogurt Pops

Frozen yogurt pops made with fresh berries don’t just taste great, they’re also easy to make at home.They’re perfect when you need a quick refreshi...

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Apr 19

Pretty, Yummy Fruit Salad

I think you’ll love this colorful, pretty fruit salad, which is drizzled with a lovely orange-vanilla syrup, which glosses it up and makes it visua...

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Nov 28

20+ Best Thanksgiving Food Platters

I love, love, love the idea of making turkey the star at the table this Thanksgiving!  Not only is it animal free, but it's full of fruit, veg...

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Oct 27

Fruit Frights

Pumpkins aren’t the only thing you can carve. Create your next jack-o’-lantern from a cantaloupe or honeydew melon.

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Oct 26

Creamy Nutella Fruit Dip

Use it as a high protein dip for your favorite fruits and feel good about your Mostly Healthy Nutella Snack!

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Sep 15

Honey-Caramelized Figs with Yogurt

Meet your go-to breakfast of the season. A light dusting of cinnamon adds just the right finish.

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Aug 17

Key Lime Fruit Dip

This dip came together so fast and easy, even I couldn’t believe it.  It is really delicious, and would be perfect for just about any kind of ...

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Aug 17

Fruit Leather

Speaking of lunches, fruit leather is awesome for lunches.  It’s small, it doesn’t drip, and it has lots and lots of actual fruit in it. If ki...

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Aug 11

Fruity Mango Pineapple Salsa

KITCHEN TIP: How to find a ripe mango!A ripe mango will be yellow, red and/or orange. Don't bother with green ones. Look for sweet scent that give ...

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Aug 11

Fruit Skewers

Shape melons (honeydew and cantaloupe) and pineapple into rounds using a melon baller. Thread a few onto wooden skewers.

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