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Mar 31

6 Healthy Ways to Use Ginger

Enjoy this healing root in many ways.

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Mar 16

Why You Must Drink This Fresh Ginger Carrot Juice

So, put your blender or juicer to good use and try preparing this refreshing and healthy juice at home.

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Dec 23

Mulled Pear & Ginger

If you’re not a fan of mulled wine or fancy something different, this deeply spiced pear and rum drink will warm you up nicely.

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Dec 18

Almond And Ginger Rochers

Nuts, ginger and dried cherries combine to form these decadent dessert nibbles. A drizzle of chocolate makes them good enough to gift.

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Dec 16

Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Ginger and Caramelized Apples

Silky pureed sweet potatoes get fruity notes from applesauce and hints of heat from freshly grated ginger.

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Oct 30

A Solution For Stress Patches

Ginger, aside from being a delicious ingredient in beverages (ginger beer, ale, or tea anyone?), is a wunderkind spice that aids in treating a slew...

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Oct 6

Selena Gomez's Morning Ginger Habit

Ginger is known for its strong medicinal properties, reputedly fighting inflammation and boosting your immunity.

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Sep 2

Ginger Colada Green Smoothie

A creamy green smoothie infused with pineapple, banana, coconut milk, ginger, lime and greens! Healthy, refreshing, perfectly tart-sweet.

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Jul 21

10 Unique Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is a root that provides a number of health benefits. Aside from making those gingersnap cookies and other foods taste so yummy, studies have...

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Jul 20

6 Foods To Eat If You Have An Upset Stomach

These ingredients may be just what you need to soothe your tummy.

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Jul 19

Chocolate Almond Ginger Bark

This combination of dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and candied ginger makes for an incredibly delicious, mega simple, way decadent holiday giftin...

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Jul 14

Ginger Shots!

If you’re sick or feeling run down throw one of these ginger shots back for a major boost.

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Jul 12

Mint-Ginger Iced Tea

Kick off any gathering with a refreshing summer sip -- this colorful lemonade-stand upgrade is sure to hit the spot.

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Jun 14

Pineapple, Ginger and Cilantro granita

Can't stand the summer heat?? This pineapple ginger and cilantro granita makes for a light and refreshing warm weather dessert. Your friends a...

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Dec 20

White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies

These cookies will simply tantalize to your taste buds because they are anything but boring. These White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies are oh so ...

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Dec 19

Sesame Ginger Sweet Teriyaki Salmon with Garlic Quinoa Stir-fry

In a large bowl whisk together the marinade ingredients: teriyaki sauce, olive oil, garlic, ginger, brown sugar, and honey. Place salmon ...

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Dec 19

Ginger & Oat Shortbread

The smell of ginger and butter wafting through the kitchen will render you powerless to resist, but if you do, it’ll make a very welcome hostess gift.

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Dec 6

Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

The syrup is incredibly easy to make, and if you don’t have whole cinnamon sticks and cloves, you can substitute ground spices instead.

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Dec 5

Ginger White Wine Spritzers

They are delicious and light and fizzy. Plus, because they are not too strong you don’t get into too much trouble.

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Dec 2

Ginger Shortbread with Cherry Icing

These Christmas tree decorated sandwich cookies are made using a lovely and easy shortbread recipe, mixed with lots of ground ginger and nubs of ca...

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