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Jan 23

Vanilla Cheesecake With Blood Oranges, Caramel & Hazelnut Hobnob Crust

You can make this cheesecake recipe up to two days before serving – just add the oranges and caramel at the last minute.

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Nov 28

How To Make Vanilla Magic Cake

 There are five little technical tricks that will help make magic cake work. Follow them and watch the magic happen every time.

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Nov 11

Vanilla Almond Orange Cloud Cookies

These cookies are made with almond paste.Almond paste is a thick mixture of ground almonds, sugar, and almond flavoring.

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Aug 12

Vegan Recipes for Vanilla Lovers

Step aside chocolate lovers—vanilla is making a comeback in these creative, vegan, vanilla-infused recipes! Smoothies, cake batter fudge, vanilla c...

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Aug 11

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

INGREDIENTS2 cups 2% milk1 cup half-and-half1 vanilla bean¾ cups turbinado (raw) sugardash of salt2 large egg yolks1½ teaspoons real vanilla extract

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Aug 4

Nelly's ginger log

In a large jug, combine milk and 2 teaspoons sherry. Sprinkle pudding mix over and beat 1 minute, using an electric mixer. Set aside 5 minutes to t...

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Jun 16

DIY Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrub

Make your own DIY Vanilla Lavender Sugar Scrub with real vanilla bean, dried lavender, and essential oils!

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Dec 22

DIY Vanilla Latte Soap

If you’re a french press coffee drinker like I am then you’ve probably wondered if there was any way you could repurpose all of those leftover coff...

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Dec 19

Homemade Rose Vanilla Soap

Melt the shea butter soap base in 30 second intervals in the microwave until it is liquified. 

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Dec 19

Bourbon Whiskey Vanilla Bean Cold Process Soap

First of all, I don’t make a lye solution with liquor. Usually when you make beer soap, you boil the beer to get rid of the alcohol and the carbona...

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Dec 2

Rose Neapolitan Spritz Cookies

These sweet cookies have just a hint of vanilla sweetness in their buttery crispiness.

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Nov 19

Vanilla Hazelnut Shakeology

Try this tasty recipe that uses Vanilla Shakeology. This time, we added hazelnuts and hazelnut milk to give the smoothie a luxurious, nutty flavor.

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Oct 19

Homemade Marshmallow: Vanilla, Lemon & Chocolate

Homemade marshmallows use simple ingredients and are easier to make than you might think. Most recipes call for corn syrup or candy thermomete...

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Dec 4

Spiced Vanilla Pear Apple Cider

For this cider I’ve decided to add a few extra ingredients to make it extra special. Vanilla, Pear, and Apples are the best of friends. When they a...

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Oct 5

White Peach & Vanilla Jam

White peaches are naturally lower in acid, so they require the addition of lemon juice or other acid to safely can. Definitely don’t skip this. Mar...

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Aug 11

Cherry Vanilla Milk Shake With Root Beer Granita

The traditional root beer float reinvented. A quart of ice cream is whirled with sour cherries until frothy and then capped with shards of frozen s...

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Jul 23

Plum Vanilla Syrup & Soda

The recipe was quite easy to follow, taking less than 20 minutes to prepare from beginning to end, including a little under 15 minutes on the stove...

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Jun 28

Vanilla-Raspberry Sundaes with Spoon-Shaped Cookies

The dough yields plenty of extra cookie "spoons," which can be served with tea or any dessert. If you'd prefer to bake a single batch, use one disk...

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Mar 7

Simply Delicious Cinnamon, Vanilla & Maple Toast Sticks

A simple way to make your ordinary toast look good and taste delicious. Find the recipe

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Dec 2

Vanilla Latte Lip Balm

This recipe does not make use of any flavor oils, so what you’ll taste is just the natural flavor of the Coffee Butter and Cocoa Butter. As-is,...

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