Oct 26

The Science Of The Perfect To-Do List


Start With A Brain Dump
To begin, sit down in front of a blank document on your computer and just getting it all out at once. Take the burden off your brain and put it onto the page. “We are carrying so much information that we don’t want to forget. Just getting it all out of your head and down on paper makes you breathe a little easier.” 

Then, Break It Down
Once you have everything down, break it up into smaller lists as though you were organizing your closet. Shoes go here, dresses here, sweaters there. Your master list becomes a list of personal tasks, a list of calls and appointments to make, a shopping list and a list of errands to do while you’re downtown. Getting married? You’ll have your wedding list. Got three kids? Each of them might need a list of his own. Big project at work? List each step in the process.

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