Nov 19

Banana Cream Pie


What a delicious pie....find the way to do it .

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  1. karla says:

    banana cream pie....I want t try.

  2. Yumefulfilled says:

    Oh my, this looks delicious. How do you keep the bananas from browning?

  3. PinLaVie says:

    Step 1:Combine citric fruit juice - fresh from a lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit in a large bowl with water. When using fruit, mix 3/4 cup of fruit juice with 1 gallon of water. Step 2:Mix the solution with a spoon until the juice is well incorporated into the water. Step 3:Place the banana slices into a strainer. Step 4:Submerge the strainer into the bowl until the banana slices are completely covered. Step 5:Remove the strainer from the bowl and hold it over the bowl until all the liquid drains off. Step 6:Transfer the drained pieces of banana to your desserts or a serving tray.

  4. PinLaVie says:

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