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Mar 31

How to Use Greek Yogurt

Use Greek yogurt to lighten up your favorite meals and desserts.

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Jan 15
Oct 11

Yogurt Chicken Kebabs with Tomato Salad

No need for a heavy oil marinade to create a tasty chicken dish; this version imparts all the flavor you need, saturating the chicken in a mix of p...

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Sep 26

Roasted Sweet-Potato Wedges With Warm Feta Sauce

A drizzling of salty feta, tangy Greek yogurt and bright citrus gives loads of flavour to these sweet potato wedges.

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Sep 13

Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders

This recipe for baked chicken tenders uses crispy brown cereal and tangy Greek yogurt for a gluten-free crunch minus the deep frying. Spice up the ...

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Jun 28

5 delicious dessert recipes from Maria Menounos

Our favorite Greek goddess, Maria Menounos, shares her secret recipes for healthy, simple, and tasty desserts

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Jun 25

Grapefruit Greek Yogurt Cake

This grapefruit yogurt cake is, moist, refreshing, deeply vanilla, grapefruit glazed, surprisingly good!

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Jun 15

5 Seriously Easy Ways to Add Greek Yogurt to Your Beauty Routine

Greek yogurt is probably one of your go-to healthy snacks, as it’s packed with good-for-your-bod protein and calcium. But the creamy stuff is ...

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Jun 15

8 Foods You Mistakenly Think Cause Weight Gain

If you want to lose weight in a hurry, you've probably heard that certain foods should be banned from your fridge forever. But, by eliminating...

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Jun 14

7 Best Foods To Boost Your Workout Results

Ready to make the most of your sweat session? Start by fueling up with the following seven pre- and post-workout staples.What you put on your plate...

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Dec 5

Easy Weeknight Chicken Curry with Cucumber Yoghurt & Roti

Add pillowy naan bread, an arrangement of raitas and a big bowl of chopped salad and you have a casual, delicious meal.

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Sep 9

Mexican Chopped Salad with Greek Yogurt Cilantro Lime Ranch

This has got to be the healthiest dinner I’ve ever eaten no doubt. I mean this is a salad without cheese that is actually amazingly delic...

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Jul 1

Tomato, Feta & Greek Yogurt Phyllo Tart

When you taste this it’s like eating a nice cheese pie (tiropita) but without all that phyllo. Make sure you get good feta and not the yucky, chalk...

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May 18

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake Mousse with Pistachio-Fig Crust

If you love cheesecake especially the no-bake type, sometimes all that butter from the crust and the fat from the condensed milk can be too much, s...

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Feb 4

Mediterranean Inspired Brownies Made with Greek Yogurt and Olive Oil

We were looking for ways to incorporate some healthier ingredients in chocolate based desserts that usually contain butter. And here we have it...

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Oct 5

Creamy Avocado Yogurt Dip

This dip is also great with tortilla tips, cut up veggies, or even great as a sandwich spread. The dip tastes similar to guacamole, but really ...

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